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一道本不卡免费高清If you’re applying to CCA and have additional questions, you can always reach out using the contact information for , , , or students, based on your academic status.

Non-degree academic opportunities

Throughout the year, we host on-campus adult and youth-based programs for the general public, including working professionals and practicing artists, as well as summer programs that allow high school students, and non-CCA college students to earn college credit.

  • : Check out our wide range of non-credit extension classes for professional, intellectual, and creative development
  • : This four-week summer program is designed for high school students, who have just completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year, to experience CCA first-hand while earning transferable college credit. Housing available
  • : Local high school students, who have just completed their freshman or sophomore year, can focus on a number of select disciplines in our non-credit Summer Atelier program
  • : Our summer program for middle-school students, who have just completed sixth, seventh, or eighth grade, offers a wide-range of art classes
  • : CCA has an extraordinary reputation for unique study-abroad programs, designed and led by our faculty

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